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International Forensic & Entomology Detection Canine Association (IFEDCA) - IFEDCA is the premier association for the canine detection industry.  IFEDCA is operated by a MASTER TRAINER and is committed to being a leader in the preservation of the integrity of trained canines, teams and facilities.

 IFEDCA is a professional organization of individual dog trainers, facilities and teams, who are committed to becoming better at what they do through education.

The IFEDCA offers individual members a respected and concerted voice in the canine detection world.

In America, dogs have been used for years by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and the military to detect bombs and drugs, among other things. In fact, a 1991 Congressional report noted that:

"...the dog and handler team remains the most widely used, accurate, durable and flexible system available for detecting illegal drugs and explosives (Technology Against Terrorism, 1991)."

Each year, the Department of Defense, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies spend considerable resources to breed, raise, purchase, train and maintain working dogs.

On September 11, 2001, dogs were among the first to be called to duty to search for survivors. Since then, the use of dogs to search our airports and seaports for explosives has grown exponentially and dogs continue to play a critical role in protecting the United States from terrorism and other threats.

The Voice of the Canine Scent Detection Industry


Arson Detection Dogs

Bed Bug Dogs

Peanut Allergy Dogs

Mold Dogs

Narcotic Detection Dogs

Snake (Threatened) Dog

Termite Dogs




1913 Hooper Ave

Toms River, NJ  08753

PHONE:  732-255-1649 

FAX:  732-255-1539


Vision: Member-Driven Competitiveness

The International Forensic Entomology Detection Canine Association (IFEDCA) is a member-driven organization dedicated to supporting the efforts of the canine detection industry member companies to be world-class competitors.


Increase member companies’ market share, through involvement on a political and non-political basis, while enhancing the industries’ business interests.

Strategic Objectives

IFEDCA will pursue the following objectives: provide advocacy, services, networking opportunities, and programs to help its member companies improve their performance.

  1. Total Quality Commitment – IFEDCA will actively seek work-class quality in all dimensions of corporate performance, on-going training, education, and customer service.

  2. Leadership in Technology – IFEDCA seeks to maintain a leadership position for member companies in technology development, to improve the ability of member companies to bring new products to the market rapidly, and to foster a healthy technology and information exchange among members.

  3. Membership – IFEDCA is only as strong and effective as its membership. The objective is to represent member companies from the forensic entomology detection canine industry throughout the world. Prospective members will share the interests of the present members and perceive value in the services provided. Emphasis is placed on attracting and keeping companies who are industry leaders and whose talented management will devote time to IFEDCA activities.

  4. Global Market Participation and Access – IFEDCA seeks to encourage companies to “think globally”, to open markets around the world so that member companies can participate in new markets based on their competitiveness.

  5. Services – IFEDCA’s vision is to offer a broad range of quality services to meet the needs of both small and large member companies. Services are recommended by member companies to the IFEDCA for review and implementation when appropriate.

  6. Committees – IFEDCA organizes action and study groups into committees or task forces around specific subjects of interests. These committees are comprised of member company representatives with specialized knowledge, interest, and skills in specific functional areas. In making recommendations, committees strive to reflect member companies viewpoints.

  7. Management – To carry out the objectives of the Association, IFEDCA employs a small but highly-qualified staff. IFEDCA’s president and staff work together to develop a yearly management plan and short term objectives as well as long term plans for organization, growth, staffing, and compensation.

  8. Growth – IFEDCA represents the leaders of forensic entomology detection canine industry and must be concerned with growth. The rate of change in the business and in technology creates a dynamic state of consistent evolution. To be stagnant in terms of member benefits and services would be to fall behind, and members would join other associations that offer new services. IFEDCA defines growth in terms of the quality of member companies and services rather than solely in terms of size.

  9. Ethics - It is recognized that while, IFEDCA members have interests in common, they are in many cases also direct business competitors. IFEDCA maintains the highest possible standards of business ethics while conducting the affairs of the Association. IFEDCA staff members in the day-to-day conduct of their duties may come into contact with sensitive company information and will treat this information as confidential.

  10. Financing – Member dues are IFEDCA’s principal source of revenue. This keeps the organization responsive to its members’ interest, rather than income generating activities such as business services and special conferences, which are not its primary focus.


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